OutRight Now: Fearless Activists in a Dangerous World

Dear Friend,

I’m writing to update you about an important upcoming meeting and to invite you to join OutRight for a series of talks with LGBTI activists, allies from around the world, and our staff of experts.

At this time next month, 193 governments from around the world will meet at the annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), the UN’s premier annual meeting about women’s rights and gender justice.

Crucially, this year’s meeting will largely focus on women’s access to development, following the seminal adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in September.

As I wrote to you previously, the SDGs “will ultimately impact countless government policies and programs, amounting to – in case you missed it – billions of dollars.” The SDGs provide a global plan running until 2030 for ending poverty, expanding social justice, and strengthening equality.

OutRight and the other organizations are mobilizing through what’s loosely the “LBTI Caucus” for governments to program their SDG commitments in such a way that encompasses LGBTI individuals and a broader sexual rights agenda. This means laws, policies and funding that facilitate access to jobs, reproductive rights, and comprehensive sexuality education.

If you’ll be in New York City from March 14th to 24th, please join us for any or all of the 4 workshops we’re co-organizing. I’m excited to hear from Lea Rios and María Mercedes Gómez of OutRight along with amazing activists from other groups. For more information, visit: https://www.outrightinternational.org/events/talks.

Either way, we’ll keep you posted.


Jessica Stern,
Executive Director
OutRight Action International