OutRight Now: Protecting Lives

Graffiti on a North African city wall. Photo courtesy of OutRight.

Dear Friend,

Greetings for 2016!

At OutRight, we are launching the year by resolving to reenergize our support to LGBTI communities confronting violence. We’re holding trainings about safety planning – like scheduling a fire drill so that you know the ropes, even as you hope you never have to use them.

OutRight’s program coordinators are developing security assessments tailored to individual contexts. The program is soup to nuts. We address how to prevent computers, email and social media accounts from being hacked; how to do a media interview without being outed; and even how to build a buddy program to make sure everyone gets home from the office -- or party -- safely. Afterward, we talk to individuals to see where we can help put specific ideas and needs into motion.

Late last year, we held a safety and security training over a week with four LGBTIQ activist organizations in North Africa. The activists told us they wanted to set up hotlines to report threats and violence. Thankfully, we are able to provide a small grant to make this possible.

We are planning more sessions this year—next up are Guatemala and Turkey. In Turkey, we will support security around Pride, a year after the event was banned for the first time in a decade.

Stay tuned, stay safe, and keep fighting.


Jessica Stern,

Executive Director
OutRight Action International


P.S. This month, OutRight is featuring Commonwealth scholar and PhD candidate Alan Msosa as a guest blogger. Read his nuanced piece, Malawi is Facing a Heated Debate on "Homosexuality".