Pride With A Purpose


Why Give to OutRight this Pride Month?

The roots of Pride date back to June 1969 when the Stonewall riots erupted in New York’s Greenwich Village. A year later the first Pride march was held in NYC. 

Today, Pride events happen year-round around the world. Some are massive celebrations. Some are small underground gatherings. Some take place with the support of local authorities. Others face violent backlash. What they all have in common is a purpose: fighting for the equality of LGBTIQ people everywhere. 

Pride is also a time to shine a spotlight on LGBTIQ issues and uplift and amplify the lives and contributions of LGBTIQ people. OutRight sponsors the #PrideWithAPurpose campaign each June to commemorate the history of Pride, celebrate our incredible progress to date, and call attention to the immense challenges still facing LGBTIQ people everywhere. 

Your support during Pride month matters because the queer and trans community is one of the most marginalized globally and faces persecution, discrimination and violence around the world. However, the global LGBTIQ movement has made tremendous progress in the last few decades and there are organizations fighting for LGBTIQ rights in the majority of the countries on the planet. The only problem is, our entire global movement is massively under resourced. 

We have a tremendous opportunity to radically accelerate social and legal change for LGBTIQ people right now and to ensure that our progress is not lost. But it’s going to take all of us. #PrideWithAPurpose means celebrating and fighting for safety, freedom, dignity and justice for our community everywhere.

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We’re here, we’re Queer, so let's celebrate this Pride with a PURPOSE.

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