United States: Where Does the US Stand on Human Rights?

With over 60 countries now joining in an unprecedented international call for increased attention to human rights atrocities faced by individuals and communities because of their sexual orientation and gender identity, the question is: Why has the United States not joined with allies around the world to condemn these human rights violations?

The joint statement will be delivered to the entire United Nations General Assembly later this week. In addition to calling for greater attention to human rights violations on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, the statement calls upon countries to decriminalize homosexuality. And, just yesterday, we learned that Nicaragua has signed on to the statement- one year after repealing it's sodomy law!

In a new development, IGLHRC has confirmed that the Organization of The Islamic Conference (OIC) is joining with the Vatican to protest the human rights statement.

IGLHRC and the Council for Global Equality once again ask that everyone contact the US State Department asking that the US reject the homophobia promulgated by the OIC and the Vatican, and stand with the 60+ countries calling for a more just world for LGBT people everywhere.

Contact the following:
Letters to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Assistant Secretary of State Brian Hook may be faxed to 1-202-736-4116, or you may go to http://contact-us.state.gov/, and then click on the "email a question/comment" tab and fill out the on-line form.
Phone calls should be made to them at the following numbers: Assistant Secretary of State Brian Hook: 202-647-9600. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice: 202-647-6575 (through the Department of State's Public Information Line).