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2023 Year In Review






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Global LGBTIQ movements covered a lot of ground in 2023. Outright works internationally with partners on the ground to push for human rights for LGBTIQ people and protections. We invite you to take a look at the work we’ve done in the past year — read 10 of our most popular articles, watch videos introducing the year’s programmatic highlights, and essential updates on the human rights of LGBTIQ people. We are proud to be together for another year of working for better LGBTIQ lives! Happy reading and viewing!


Top 10 Articles of 2023

From Lesbian Visibility Day, queering humanitarian action, and the Anti-Homosexuality Act in Uganda, here’s a list of the top 10 articles we released this year.


“Māhū could be someone that looks like you or me.” Māhū activist Kumu Hina illuminated the profound and beautiful complexities of the Māhū experience, challenging us to embrace an identity beyond the Western narratives of gender and sexuality.


Immerse yourself in the powerful story of activist Rikki Nathanson as she highlights the ongoing struggle for global recognition and rights during Trans Visibility Week in 2023.


Read about the worst anti-LGBTIQ law to date: Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act (AHA) and its threat to reshape the fabric of Ugandan society by challenging the very essence of human rights and dignity. Learn about the  AHA’s implications on a global scale for humanitarians, development, and private sector partners.


 World leaders, LGBTIQ activists, and advocates convened at the United Nations Headquarters in New York to shape a more inclusive and equitable future for all, amplifying LGBTIQ voices in the global discourse on equality. Learn more about Outright International’s work at the United Nations this year.



Our Director of Leadership Giving, Katie Hultquist, shared a heartfelt tale of courage, joy, and the unyielding pursuit of authenticity as she reflected on coming out as a lesbian at university and becoming a fierce advocate for LGBTIQ rights.


Delve into the sobering yet resilient story of the LGBTIQ movement in China, where activists have navigated a tightrope of hope and challenge, embodying courage in the face of adversity and inspiring a global call for solidarity and support.


Step into a moment of history where the voices of Feminist and LGBTIQ advocates were amplified at the International Criminal Court, marking a significant stride towards justice around the globe.


Look beyond the binary and dive right into the stories of two nonbinary people as they share their experiences and thoughts on building community, the drag scene, how to be an ally, and embracing fluidity.


No one should be invisible or left behind, especially during a crisis. Read this article to learn more about our mission to strengthen LGBTIQ inclusion in humanitarian action, bolstered by our emergency funds and emphasizing every individual’s inherent worth and dignity.


Activists from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ghana took center stage in this discussion during the off-hours of the 2023 United Nations General Assembly, exposing the challenges facing LGBTI people in those countries and what the international community can do to support their movements.

Programmatic Events

Outright's global programs made waves this year! From the second cycle of our LBQ Connect program to the launch of our Outright Proud Podcast and Global LGBTQI+ Inclusive Democracy and Empowerment (GLIDE) Initiative! Check out all five highlights from 2023 in the video below.

Regional Updates

2023 was a year of LGBTIQ triumphs, challenges, and hope. This regional recap highlights updates from Uganda, Mauritius, Vatican, India, Australia, Argentina, and the United Nations.

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