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Time Magazine Quoted Amie Bishop on the Oppressive limCate for LGBTIQ People in Hungary and Poland




On March 10, 2022, Time magazine quoted Outright’s senior research advisor, Amie Bishop, on the oppressive climate for LGBTIQ people in Hungary and Poland. In the context of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, LGBTIQ refugees have been forced to flee to countries like Poland and Hungary whose governments have restrictive legislation demonizing LGBTIQ communities in the name of preserving so-called “traditional values.” Both countries have banned LGBTIQ marriages and adoption, with Hungary going further to end legal gender recognition for transgender and intersex people. In the past few years, Polish municipalities have declared areas as “LGBT-free zones,” drawing sharp criticism from the European Union. Bishop argues that this is a direct “reflection of a broader trend that is centered in Russia.” She continues by explaining that these attempts by Poland and Hungary to further restrict the human rights of LGBTIQ people are tactics to “consolidate power and differentiate socially, politically, and culturally from the West.”

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