Postcard from Jessica Stern: Greetings from Washington, DC

Dear Friends,

On June 15th, I visited the White House for a reception marking June as LGBT Pride Month, where I had the honor of meeting President Barak Obama and LGBT activists from across the United States.

President Obama spoke of advances in the struggle for LGBT rights and of work still to be done. Listing accomplishments, he said, “We’ve put forward a strategy to promote and protect the rights of LGBT communities all over the world, because, as Secretary Clinton said back in December, gay rights are human rights.”

To the staff, fellows and interns at IGLHRC, one thing is clear: support from a political leader is the result of the tireless work of LGBT rights activists. Whether in the United States or the United Arab Emirates, we have collectively insisted that we must have nothing less than human rights for everyone, everywhere.

Before my trip to the White House, we asked you for advice on Facebook and Twitter. As a result of your feedback, we produced a video letter to President Obama consisting of messages from activists around the world and an op-ed published in the Huffington Post.

Do you have a message you would like IGLHRC to deliver to President Obama? I’d love to hear your thoughts at

With warmth and solidarity,

Video Letter to President Obama