Barbados: Shadow Report on the Status of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Individuals

This report was written as a starting point for advocacy at the UN of greater protection and promotion of the rights of LGBT persons in Barbados. We hope that the findings in this report will be useful to the Human Rights Committee. The Human Rights Committee regularly reviews submissions from every state party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). Non-governmental organizations may submit “shadow reports,” which serve as an additional source of information for UN Committee members. In the shadow reports, NGOs generally offer their own evaluation of the state’s compliance with the treaty. The Barbados Shadow Report was submitted for consideration to the Human Rights Committee on March 21, 2007. Many thanks to Global Rights for giving IGLHRC permisssion to re-produce the report on our website.


In its concluding observation to the Government of Barbados, the U.N. Human Rights Committee (HRC) included one paragraph on sexual orientation, calling on the government to decriminalize same sex conduct. IGLHRC, in partnership with Global Rights and domestic organizations, had submitted a shadow report to the HRC calling for decriminalization. The following text is an excerpt from the UN HRC report referencing our work: "13. The Committee expresses concern over discrimination against homosexuals in the State party, and in particular over the criminalizing of consensual sexual acts between adults of the same sex. (art. 26) The State party should decriminalize sexual acts between adults of the same sex and take all necessary actions to protect homosexuals from harassment, discrimination and violence."