A Few Love Stories from Around the World

This month, in honor of Valentine’s Day, OutRight is releasing a series of blogs showcasing love stories from around the world. We asked a few individuals to answer questions about how they met their partners and what message they wanted to share with the world. In these political times, who couldn’t use a dose of love!

While we showcase these love stories, we are also reminded that over 68 countries in the world still in some way criminalize same-sex attraction. In almost 10 countries globally being LGBTIQ can even mean facing the death penalty. Many countries are even becoming more regressive and pushing back on the rights of LGBTIQ people, and sadly safe-spaces are shrinking around us. However LGBTIQ people are resilient and continue to find a way to overcome even the most severe adversities. These love stories are testament to that resilience and evidence to love continually triumphing over hate, criminalization, and punitive laws.

The first story of our series is by our dear friend and renowned Belizean LGBTIQ human rights activist Derricia Castillo-Salazar. Derricia tells us of meeting her partner through the military, life as a lesbian couple in Belize, their journey to pregnancy, and of their beautiful son CeeJay. Our second story is by the wonderful writer, poet, artist, and activist Sushant Naidu. Sushant retells the path of meeting his partner Parks and the obstacles he had to overcome with regards to his sexuality and coming out to his South Asian family. Our third story is from lead Lebanese activist Georges Azzi, co-founder of Helem and Executive Director of the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality, who tells us about meeting his partner on social media, the challenges of being together in Lebanon, and growing together as a family. Lastly, we hear from our very own Asia Pacific Project Coordinator, Ging Cristobal, who shares with us the story of meeting her partner Rose and life with their 4 children, their one daughter and three doggies!

Click on the photos below for the stories:

Jael’s Love Story


Meet Georges’ Family




Meet Sushant and Parks


Meet Ging’s Family


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