LGBTIQ Rights Depend on the Right to Peace

25 May 2021

LGBTIQ Rights Depend on the Right to Peace 

OutRight Action International, as a human rights organization, is deeply concerned with the recent disproportionate use of force in East Jerusalem and Gaza against Palestinian civilians -- including residents, protestors, worshippers, and children – including during Ramadan in Sheikh Jarrah and at the grounds of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in April and May. We note with horror the destruction of Palestinian homes, water treatment facilities, and independent media offices in Gaza. The situation remains urgent in Sheikh Jarrah, where the Israeli government has planned to forcibly displace Palestinians from their homes. The United Nations has stated that the evictions, if implemented, “would violate Israel’s obligations under international law”. 

OutRight opposes violence in all forms, including the recent rockets by Hamas into Israel and any targeting of Palestinians or Israelis based on national identity, race, or religion. 

In times of war, conflict, and their aftermath, LGBTIQ people are often denied crisis-related services and support. While LGBTIQ people experience the devastation of war alongside other community members, emergency resources are often distributed by governments and religiously affiliated charitable organizations that are hostile to LGBTIQ people. As a result, even amid the widespread deprivation experienced by so many Palestinians at this time, LGBTIQ Palestinians may be even less able to access emergency food distribution, healthcare, housing, electricity, and clean water. Moreover, in both Gaza and Israel, militarized violence strengthens the political hand of governments and political factions that are openly hostile to LGBTIQ rights. 

The rights to life, protest, worship, and housing are all human rights. While OutRight welcomes the ceasefire that went into effect yesterday, OutRight calls upon the Governments of Israel and Egypt to open borders for the United Nations and other humanitarian actors to bring essential services without discrimination to Palestinians.



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