Love, Peace, Pride, and Kindness - Valentine's Day

Recent Oscar awards shows have been a platform for the LGBTIQ community, from Boys Don’t Cry to last year’s best picture winner Moonlight. To prepare for this year’s upcoming ceremony, get in the mood with these five Valentine’s Day-inspired films that explore the complicated nature of love.

Whether it’s unexpected romance, a teenage crush, or a 40 year relationship on the verge of being forgotten, each showcases the intricate lives led by the LGBTIQ community from all over the world with messages of love, peace, pride, and kindness.

  1. Alzheimer’s: A Love Story (2015) | This short film shows the impact of the disease on a 40-year relationship between Greg and Michael.
  2. Tiny Miny Magic (2011) | A gift exchange between a woman and her mailman leads to romance in this short film.
  3. Mosquita y Mari (2012) | Two teenagers in L.A. form an unlikely friendship which develops into an unexpected crush.
  4. Baka Bukas (2016) | A Filipino film about a young woman navigating life while also in love with her best friend.
  5. The Pearl of Africa (2016) | This documentary shows a transgender woman in Uganda, her relationship with her partner, and her advocacy for LGBTIQ rights in her country.

Valentine’s Day also wouldn’t be complete without a love letter from our past! Check out what the Beijing Women’s Conference of 1995 has to say to us and future generations.