Magazines from LGBT Groups in North Africa Available Online

Kifkif has published the 14th issue of Mithli (same sex), the Moroccan LGBT group's online publication. The May issue of the Mithli is dedicated to IDAHO, with coverage of IDAHO events inside Morocco, a statement from the Algerian LGBT group Abu Nawas, a very interesting article on Islamic Fatwas on homosexuality, a piece on the Arabic terminology on homosexuality, and a report on the ban on homosexuality in Morocco.

You can learn more about Kifkif and their online publications by visiting their website:

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The LGBT Community in Egypt has issued the first issue of Ehna (We), an online publication. In this first issue of the magazine, there is an interesting interview with one of the eyewitnesses to the 2011 "Queen Boat" incident in Egypt, an article to commemorate IDAHO, and an essay on the Egyptian Law's stance on homosexuality.

EHNA by visiting their website and their facebook page:

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