OutTalks is an ongoing webinar series hosted by OutRight staff and featuring LGBTIQ activists and allies from around the world. 


2022 OutTalks Schedule

3/2/22 Diplomats Circle Dialogue: "Even If You Go To The Skies, We’ll Find You:” New Research From Afghanistan and Ghana About LGBTIQ Lives Under Attack Register
3/1/22 "I Need to Be Free": What it Neans to be a Queer Woman in Today's Iraq Register
2/24/22 SOGIE Change Efforts Launch Event Register


2021 OutTalks Recordings

12/7/21 OutSummit 2021 Recording
11/18/21 OutRight's OutStanding Legacy Circle Recording
9/29/21 No Access: LGBTIQ Website Censorship in 6 Countries Recording
8/26/21 Responding to a Crisis: Insights and Impact from the Covid-19 Global LGBTIQ Emergency Fund Recording
6/23/21 Interrogating the Increased Targeting of LGBTIQ Individuals in Africa: Uganda, Ghana and South Africa Perspectives Recording
6/14/21 We Remember Sarah Higazi, and We Care about our Mental Health (In Arabic) Recording
6/1/21 Resilience in Advancing LGBTIQ Rights Globally Recording
5/27/21 Beyond Chechnya - Backlash Against LGBTIQ Communities Around the World Recording
5/5/21 Leaving No One Behind: The Sustainable Development Goals and LGBTI Populations Recording
4/28/21 LGBTIQ Inclusive Gender-Based Violence Legislation in the Caribbean Recording
4/21/21 Political Use of Homophobia in Africa Recording
4/7/21 Building Your Legacy Recording
3/31/21 Over-Policed, Under-Protected: The Experiences of Trans and Gender Diverse Communities in the Caribbean Recording
3/10/21 Edging Towards “I Do”: Europe Recording
3/2/21 Exploring Gender Diversity in Indonesia's Bugis Culture (In Bahasa) Recording
2/8/21 Bhutan Decriminalized Same-sex Sexual Activity, What's Next? Recording

2020 OutTalks Recordings

12/20 2020 OutTalks Playlist
2020 OutSummit
11/18/2020 Gender Identity Recognition: A Caribbean Perspective Recording
11/11/2020 What the US Election Means for Global LGBTIQ Activism Recording
10/28/2020 Queering Peace, Security and Humanitarian Response: Experiences of LGBTIQ People Recording
10/21/2020 Welcome to Chechnya Now, an update from Russian Activist Olga Baranova Recording
10/14/2020 COVID-19 Update: Revisiting LGBTIQ Communities Six Months into the Pandemic Recording
9/30/2020 Art and Human Rights - Exploring Artivism as a Conversation Starter Recording
8/27/2020 LGBTIQ Protections at the Frontline of Haiti's Presidential Decrees Recording
8/26/2020 Spotlight on Lebanon: What is Happening in Beirut after the Explosion? Recording