Award to CHP Parliamentarian from Lesbian "Sex and the City" Star

The CHP Istanbul Parliamentarian Dr. Binnaz Toprak Received the Outspoken Award from the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission

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The Istanbul CHP Parliamentarian of Equal Opportunities Commission for Men and Women, Dr. Binnaz Toprak, was one out of four people who were honored and received an award her work for the Turkish LGBT community, along with the Turkish lawyer Yasemin Öz.

Received the Prize from Miranda

On the event night of A Celebration of Courage,which took place in New York City, the parliamentarian, who brought up the issues of LGBT individuals of Turkey in front of the Turkish Parliament, received the award from the American Sex and the City actress, Cynthia Nixon, also known as Miranda. The actress, accompanied by her wife, Christine Marinoni, said in her speech during the ceremony, that despite having major problems in the United States, in comparison to other countries, they were lucky to be able to be open about their sexuality and that LGBT individuals in other countries should have the same opportunities.

Gay men are the Most Unwanted Group in Turkey

In her speech at the award ceremony, Dr. Toprak announced that, people in Turkey do not want gay men as their neighbors, and that 90% of gay, lesbians and transsexuals are subject to police affiliation, murders by their own families, being attacked, face workplace discrimination, unemployment and difficulties finding housing.

The Justice and Development Party Does not Want to Hear about This Subject

Dr. Toprak stated that the leading Justice and Development Party does not want to get involved in issues regarding homosexual problems. She said, “In the law on violence against women, we requested including violence against homosexuals, but the request was rejected by the AKP. They do not even want to hear about this issue.”

The LGBT inclusion Motion is in the Parliament Agenda in June

Toprak told Hürriyet that, together with the 59 MP signatures of the parliamentary commission to investigate the proposal, there is expected to be a proposal to the general meeting of more than 800 individuals, in June.

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