Greetings from the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission

News from Uganda, Russia, India and Nigeria


We've recently seen a spate of hateful, discriminatory legislation moving forward.

In the face of such news, human rights defenders stand strong for the right to live in dignity and pride. And IGLHRC stands with them. What can we do? Your activism and voice can help support human rights defenders to push back.

In December 2013, the Ugandan parliament passed the"Kill the Gays" bill, imposing life imprisonment for homosexuality (rather than the death penalty) and imprisonment to those who advocate against discrimination. President Museveni has called for clarification of the origins of homosexuality. Help Ugandan activists tell their President: Repudiate the bill!

As the 2014 Winter Olympics are set to kick-off in Sochi, Russia, the government is implementing the "anti-gay propaganda" law despite widespread censure from world leaders and civil society. The law is one of many restrictions on the free speech and rights of civil society and individuals. Boycott the Olympics? Russian LGBT advocates say NO! Do not boycott the Olympics – boycott homophobia and transphobia!

This week, the Indian Supreme Court refused appeals to review a recent ruling reinstating the colonial era anti-sodomy law (377). The response of Indian activists has been to stand strong. Social change is happening, even if the court hasn't caught on.

In Nigeria, secrecy surrounded the recent presidential signing of the ill-named "anti same-sex marriage" bill which limits the freedom of speech and assembly of those who support LGBT people. Local activists are clear: this law threatens the health and well-being of all Nigerians. They call on the government: Rescind the law. End the violence against LGBT people!

As LGBT rights advance and are challenged, the resilience and resolve of our communities are extraordinary. Join us to support human rights for everyone, everywhere.

With warmth and solidarity,

Jessica Stern
Executive Director