Health and Human Rights Resource Guide

How is Health a Human Rights Issue for LGBTI persons?

About the Resource Guide

This publication is designed to be a resource on how to apply a human rights-based approach to health issues for advocates and practitioners worldwide.

Within the guide you will find an introduction and nine topical chapters. The introduction provides a primer on the human right to health. Each of the nine chapters focuses on a specific health issue or a vulnerable population.


Master document, all chapters
Chapter 1: Patient Care
Chapter 2: HIV, AIDS
Chapter 3: Harm Reduction
Chapter 4: Tuberculosis
Chapter 5: Palliative Care
Chapter 6: Children’s Health
Chapter 7: Minority Health
Chapter 8: LGBTI
Chapter 9: Disability

Chapter 8: LGBTI

What are the Issues and How are They Human Rights Issues?

There is a plethora of issues that affect the health of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) persons, many of which are issues relating to human rights. Around the world and in all societies, LGBTI persons face discrimination and marginalisation which puts them at risk of not being able to attain the highest attainable standard of health. This chapter does not intend to be comprehensive in its coverage of the human rights issues that affect the health of LGBTI persons – there are simply too many; however, it will provide the reader with an overview and a starting to point to understand some of the human rights issues affecting LGBTI persons’ health.1 The chapter also intends to leave the reader with an understanding that a respect for human rights, which apply equally to all people, can be a strong driver for effecting positive change in health issues of LGBTI persons.

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