Hossein Alizadeh in "Washington Blade"

Reports Indicate Islamic State Executing Men for Sodomy
Michael Laver

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...IGLHRC reported Islamic State militants in the Iraqi city of Ninevah in January released pictures they said showed the execution of two men who allegedly engaged in sodomy. The reports indicate they too were thrown off a building....

...A report that IGLHRC and MADRE, a global women’s advocacy organization, released last fall concludes LGBT Iraqis living under the control of the Islamic State are likely “at imminent risk of death.”

IGLHRC earlier this week also launched a campaign that urges the U.S., Canada, France, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden and the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees to accept more refugees who are fleeing the Islamic State.

IGLHRC Middle East and North Africa Program Coordinator Hossein Alizadeh noted to the Blade the Islamic State publicizes the executions of those accused of sodomy as a way to “send a message” to the people who live under its control.

“It’s a very horrible death to basically instill fear in the population,” he said.

Alizadeh added these executions become part of the propaganda the Islamic State uses to recruit potential supporters from other parts of the region and beyond.

“They are trying to show they want a society free of ‘corruption,’” he said. “In order to do that they are trying to purge all unwanted elements, including homosexual people who commit sodomy.”...