IGLHRC Participates in IDAHO Workshop

In late 2010 IGLHRC participated in developing and presenting a workshop to discuss strategies for promoting the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia and its goals in Latin America and the Caribbean. Fernando D’Elio, then IGLHRC Program Associate for the region, gave a presentation at the workshop and shared his thoughts in a recently released IDAHO publication:“IDAHO - Establishing Strategies for Latin America and the Caribbean”

Over the past few years, many countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean have produced significant advances in human rights to those who have been denied equality based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. Implementation of national laws, various government programs, reformulation of codes, and other actions by countries’ governments have assured rights are being limited or even denied to LGBT citizens. However, these advances would have not been possible without the struggle and constant drive of civil society. By utilizing different strategies, many doors have opened despite numerous obstacles that try and prevent the imminent advancement of an inclusive society, equal and respectful to all without discrimination.

Notwithstanding, these advances have been inconsistent throughout the region, and there is still plenty of work to do. The incorporation of new strategies, to what is already being performed will be key in order to continue on the road to equality and non-discrimination. In this sense, the establishment of IDAHO (International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia) is a new and very effective initiative in order to illustrate to society the violations of human rights and discrimination based principally on sexual orientation and gender identity. IDAHO was also established to propose the necessary changes in order to eliminate these violations and create an awareness of inequality and suffering that these violations generate.

The planning and implementing of this day at the regional level, considering that it is already a world-wide initiative, also provides the exchange of experiences, the collaboration of force, and an uniform advancement within the regional countries in order to end all discrimination.

Download IDAHO's Estableciendo Estrategias en America Latina y el Caribe »

Fernando D'Elio, previously IGLHRC's Program Associate for Latin America and the Caribbean, has been actively working on human rights for sexual minorities since 1999, when he began volunteering with Nexo A.C. He has been a member of the board of directors at Nexo A.C. since 2005, and currently serves as advisor to many Argentinean-based organizations working on issues of importance to women, HIV-AIDS, and sexual minorities rights, such as AMMAR, RedTraSex and FUSAVI. Fernando has also published several articles in NX, a gay and HIV-AIDS related magazine. Fernando was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and graduated from Buenos Aires University as a public accountant.