IGLHRC: Program for Latin America and the Caribbean Announces Its Expansion Into Two New Areas


Each year, the LAC program will convene a month-long intensive training session (“Institute”). The purpose of the Institute is to contribute to the development and strengthening of regional human rights activism focussed on issues related to sexual orientation and its expression, gender identity and expression, and sexual and reproductive rights. The thematic focus of the Institute will change each year, and will be determined through a process of consultation with activists in the region. We will also produce educational tools and materials that will be made accessible to all those interested.

Transgender and Intersex Issues

In this focus area, we will seek to: a) compile and circulate information on trans and intersex issues, especially those from a rights-based perspective, and b) support trans and intersex activism in the region, with a particular focus on developing human rights documentation and advocacy strategies. We are committed to producing diverse materials for open distribution and will also organize and participate in educational and advocacy activities on trans and intersex issues.

The Program Associate in-charge of the Institute is Rosa Maria Posa Guinea. Rosa has a degree in Educational Sciences and post-graduate studies in Gender and Development. In her 15 years of work experience in non-formal education for adults, she has coordinated projects in many countries – France and Paraguay among them. She has acted as consultant on gender issues for the United Nations Program for Development. She is also a member of Airea na, Lesbian Rights Group, and she lives in Asunción, Paraguay. She can be contacted at lacinstitute@iglhrc.org

The Program Associate in-charge of Trans and Intersex Issues is Mauro Isaac Cabral. Mauro has a degree in History and is currently pursuing a Ph.D in Philosophy. He has been a teacher at Cordoba University, and a member of IGLHRC´s International Advisory Council since 1999. He is also a member of the International Advisory Committee for CLAGS (Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies, City University of New York), as well as an activist with RedTrans and the Working Group on Intersexuality. An author and translator of essays on trans and intersex issues, he lives in Cordoba, Argentina. He can be contacted at lactransinter@iglhrc.org

Also, from February 1st, 2005, Marcelo Ferreyra will serve as the Deputy Program Coordinator for the Program. Alejandra Sardá will continue as the LAC Regional Program Coordinator.

Alejandra Sardá & Marcelo Ernesto Ferreyra

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La misión de la Comisión Internacional de Derechos Humanos para Gays y Lesbianas (IGLHRC) es asegurar el pleno goce de los derechos humanos para todas las personas y comunidades objeto de discriminación o abuso en base a su orientación sexual; a su identidad de género o a la expresión de su sexualidad, en todos los aspectos, incluido el género; y/o a su estatus frente al VIH. IGLHRC es una organización no-gubernamental (ONG) con base en los Estados Unidos y oficina regional en México, que lleva adelante su misión utilizando la defensa y gestión, la documentación, la participación en coaliciones, la educación del público y la asistencia técnica.

IGLHRC's mission is to secure the full enjoyment of the human rights of all people and communities subject to discrimination or abuse on the basis of sexual orientation or expression, gender identity or expression, and/or HIV status. A US-based non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO), IGLHRC effects this mission through advocacy, documentation, coalition building, public education, and technical assistance.