ILGHRC on Adam Lambert Plays Malaysian Concert After Agreeing to Remove Same-Sex Kiss

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Singer Adam Lambert went through with his performance in Kuala Lumpur Thursday night, after agreeing to Malaysian authorities’ demands that he tone down any overtly sexual elements of his concert, and remove a same-sex kiss with a male band member. He told reporters before going onstage, “As much as I hate to compromise any time, it’s more important for me to bring to the people of Malaysia my show.”

Despite his agreements to alter the show, members of the Pan Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party staged a protest outside the stadium where the concert was held, and displayed signs saying “Not Our Culture.” This certainly isn’t the first time a Western pop star has had to alter their stage performance to gain permission to play in the predominantly Muslim nation, though this particular situation has also served to bring international attention to Malaysia’s oppressive cultural attitudes towards LGBT people. The International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission recently released this report documenting the discriminatory nature of the Malaysian Media in reporting on LGBT issues in a country where “homosexual acts are criminalized and punishments include fines, long prison sentences and even corporal punishment.”

GLAAD shares the frustrations of many of its members that Adam Lambert was forced to censor his own show in order to appease the demands of a homophobic government, and urges those who wish to learn more to contact IGLHRC about what they can do to support Malaysia’s LGBT community.