Include Principle 6 in the Olympic Truce Resolution

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Dear UN General Assembly Member States,

It has been brought to our attention that certain member states of the UN General Assembly have been advocating that an explicit reference to Principle 6 in this year’s Olympic Truce Resolution be removed. We understand that many states defended the inclusion of Principle 6 in the final draft of the Resolution.

We thank the member states that have continued their steadfast commitment to including this reference thus far in negotiations, we ask member states to join South Korea by formally sponsoring the Olympic Truce for its consideration by the UN General Assembly on November 13th.

The Olympic movement is built upon the fundamental principles of respect and inclusion and the belief that the rights and freedoms of athletes and fans should be free from discrimination, including on the basis of sexual orientation.

In late 2014, the International Olympic Committee updated the language of their non-discrimination clause, Principle 6, to include explicit protections on the basis of sexual orientation. With the last Olympic Games having over 40 lesbian, gay, and bisexual athletes represent their country in pursuit of their Olympic dream, it is clear that the updated language of Principle 6 is reflective of the diversity of Olympic fans and participants and is in keeping with the ideals of the Olympic Movement.

The Olympic Truce remains an important and fundamental component of the Games, as it communicates an active commitment to allowing athletes and spectators alike to share in the ideals and joys that the Games brings -- regardless of one's race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and more. At a moment when oppressed communities around the world remain under attack, we can’t afford to turn our back on our most vulnerable communities. Explicit reference to Principle 6 in the Olympic Truce Resolution sends a strong signal of our community’s support of respect, inclusion and diversity -- values sport holds inherently close. Afterall, regardless of where in the world we practice sport, the rules are the same and apply to everyone. They are based on our shared values.

This fundamental principle of nondiscrimination allows sport to promote peace, unity and understanding among all of humanity. It’s why we’re asking for the public support of states for explicit reference to Principle 6 to remain in the Olympic Truce Resolution.

We are hopeful that all member states will continue to uphold the values of Olympism and keep an explicit reference to Principle 6 in the Olympic Truce Resolution.

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