Intersex Awareness Day

The international LGBTIQ community commemorates Intersex Awareness Day, on October 26th. This day of advocacy draws global attention to the voices and human rights of intersex people.

OutRight stands in solidarity with intersex people and intersex-led organizations as they call for an end to unnecessary and forced medical interventions on intersex children.

On this Intersex Awareness Day, OutRight shares some resources from leading intersex authorities, like  InterACT, OII and The Intersex Day Project, to help raise awareness about the lives, stories, and human rights of Intersex people.

  • A list of Intersex-Led and Allied Organizations: There are scores of intersex organizations, advocates, and communities all over the world.

  • Read these testimonies: The Intersex Day Project has curated a diverse and beautiful range of stories written by intersex people from around the world.

  • To be young and intersex: In previous years, intersex activist groups like InterACT have supported video projects like this buzzfeed segment.

  • Review the UNFE Campaign’s fact sheet: The UNFE is one of many organizations that advocates for equality of intersex and LGBTIQ people. Here they detail the issues with unsolicited medical “corrections” and the various kinds of discrimination intersex people face throughout life.

  • Consider your medical rights: Here is a link to advocacy group InterACT’s official stance on medical research and participation in medical studies. Here are additional readings provided by InterACT on medical, legal, and bioethical related issues.

  • Both medical practitioners and intersex people: can find a way to “foster informed-decision making” in regards to sexual health and surgeries, OII points out. Here, the World Health Organization has published a thorough report on the rights and standards for sexual health, detailing intersex issues.

  • Build an intersex-inclusive Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA): While LGBTIQ support groups like global GSA chapters may help represent issues of gay, lesbian, trans and queer communities, intersex people often remain underrepresented. LGBTIQ people and allies should strive to make their entire community feel supported.

  • Businesses are encouraged to build intersex-inclusive and LGBTIQ-friendly spaces: One of the many spaces intersex people face discrimination is in the workplace. But this doesn’t have to be the case, organizations around the world stand to gain strength, efficiency, and loyalty by incorporating intersex voices into their narratives. Check out the above UNFE piece on standards and conduct, as well as OII Austrailia’s “Employer’s Guide to Intersex Inclusion” for further information.

  • Show your intersex pride and support: Don the intersex flag, courtesy of Intersex Day Project, in honor of Intersex Awareness Day or as an everyday sign of your support for intersex people.

What can you do to support intersex peers both during and after IAD?: Have a look at the Intersex Day Project’s comprehensive list of suggestions for spreading awareness. They’ll help you form a plan, whether it be screening intersex movies, petitioning local government, or raising funds.