Jessica Stern Writes Op-Ed For EuroNews About Conversion Therapy Bans

For EurosNews, Jessica Stern explains conversion therapy bans are a step forward but LGBTIQ acceptance and inclusion holds the key in recent op-ed.

The term “conversion therapy” has been appearing in news headlines increasingly often, most recently when a draft law banning it was announced in Germany earlier this month by its Minister of Health, Jens Spahn. This is certainly cause for celebration.

“Conversion therapy” is the most widely used term to describe practices which aim to change, suppress, or divert the sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression (SOGISC) of people who don't fit the narrow margins of arbitrarily assigned norms. It is also called SOGISC change efforts, reorientation therapy, reparative therapy, reintegrative therapy, or support for unwanted same-sex attraction or transgender identities. In essence, “conversion therapy” constitutes cisgender heteronormative indoctrination.

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