Meet Ging's Family - Part 4

In honor of Valentine's day, we decided it’s a good time to spread a little love with love stories from couples we know. Because if love has no boundries, it’s only natural that human rights and equality have no boundaries... enjoy.

Asia Pacific Project Coordinator, Ging Cristobal shares her story of meeting her partner Rose and life with their four children, their one daughter and three doggies!

Meet Ging & Rose...

Rashima:Can you tell us how you met your partner?

Ging: I met Rose through downelink when I was just looming for friends while posting blogs of my thoughts about being single...

Rashima: What are the dynamics of your relationship, what endears you most about your partner?

Ging: We work as a team. We are each other’s cheerleader. What I love most about Rose is her whole package - we are a work in progress and we don’t give up. That's why i know this is it.

Rashima: Do you have a family, or would you like to have one?

Ging: We do have a family. We have 4 kids: 1 human and 3 doggies whom we all love so much.

Rashima: Did you face any difficulty being together? Does your country allow for your relationship to exist? How did you overcome these difficulties?

Ging: While our country does not criminalize same sex partnerships, our relationship does not enjoy the legal rights heterosexual couples enjoy.

We have been together close to 10 years and we protect our family will legal papers like special power of attorney, living will, right to purchase, etc.

We know that these papers are still contestable in court, but we have to make do with what is available to us to secure our family.

Rashima: These days, it seems hard to focus on love and on humanity. On this valentine’s day, on a day of love, what message would you like to send to the world about love?

Ging: I recommend that all people try to love more - and i guarantee you that you will be happier, less selfish & more respectful of all people. Try it least once.