Moldova: IGLHRC Stands in Solidarity with Moldovan LGBT Activists

Today, April 27, The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) sent a letter to the Moldovan embassy in Washington D.C. expressing our solidarity with activists who are participating in public pride events in the capital city of Chisinau despite a ban on these events by the city authorities. The following is the letter we sent.

Friday April 27, 2007

Ambassador Nicolae Chirtoaca
Embassy of Moldova
2101 S. Street N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008

Dear Ambassador Chirtoaca,

The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) is writing to express its solidarity with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people and their allies on the streets of Chisinau today, where they are employing their right to peaceful assembly despite the April 11th 2007 decision by Chisinau municipal authorities to ban all public gay pride activities. They are courageously advocating for the rights of LGBT people throughout Moldova.

Gay pride rallies and events have become a time-honored means by which LGBT people make themselves visible and publicly lay claim to their human rights in civil society. Such events are integral to improving the lives of LGBT citizens.

IGLHRC condemns this latest ban on public gay pride activities. For a third year in a row this ban is in violation of human rights treaties ratified by Moldova, including the European Convention on Human Rights and Freedoms, and the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights, both of which guarantee the right of the freedom of expression and assembly. Beyond the blatant disregard of international human rights, the Chisinau city authorities are also in breach of the decision of the Supreme Court of Moldova itself. The court recently vigorously defended the right of all Moldovan citizens including LGBT people to the freedom of assembly and expression. The Supreme Court stated in its ruling that it “considers unjustified the refusal of the Chisinau city hall to authorize a march of solidarity by [pride organizing group] GenderDoc-M.”

We urge you to stand in solidarity with the citizens of Moldova and take action to ensure that today’s pride events proceed without incident. IGLHRC wants to remind the authorities of Moldova that active support for the pride events in Chisinau is a critical component in upholding the country’s obligation to respect, protect and fulfill the human rights of all citizens of Moldova. We encourage the city authorities to change their direction and act positively by fulfilling their country’s obligation to protect those who peacefully demonstrate today.


Paula L. Ettelbrick
Paula Ettelbrick
Executive Director