Nicaragua: Still No Decision On Anti-Sodomy Law

One year later, the battle against the new anti-sodomy law in Nicaragua has still not been decided. As updated in the March/April action alerts, the Nicaraguan Supreme Court has not issued a ruling on the constitutionality of Article 204 even though the court should have made a decision within forty-five days of the filing of the challenge (filed November 9, 1992). The Campaign for Sexuality without Prejudices, the coalition of groups that filed the challenge with the Supreme Court, reports that it has reactivated its grassroots campaign and is currently pressuring the Supreme Court to make a ruling. If you have not already written, please do so now to ensure that this issue remains highly visible and will not be swept under the carpet. Demand a decision on the challenge, emphasizing Article 204Õs blatant violation of provisions of the Inter-American Convention for the right to privacy and freedoms of assembly, expression, and the press.

Write to:

Corte Suprema de Justicia
Plaza España

Please copy your letter to each of the following Supreme Court Justices (salutation should be "Honorable Justice" ....):

  • Dr. Orlando Trejos Somarriba
  • Dr. Adrian Valdivia
  • Dr. Santiago Rivas Haslam
  • Dr. Enrique Villagra
  • Dr. Rodrigo Reyes Portocarrero
  • Dr. Alba Luz Ramos
  • Dr. Rafael Chamorro Mora
  • Dr. Orlando Corrales
  • Dr. Ramon Romero