Open Democracy Quotes OutRight in Investigation on Conversion Practices in the US

In an Open Democracy investigative reporting piece on conversion practices across US states which legally ban them, OutRight Action International’s Senior Research Advisor Amie Bishop s is quoted. Through the investigation Open Democracy has uncovered groups which promote and perpetuate so-called “conversion therapy” against LGBTIQ people in states which ban the practices. Amie Bishop, who authored OutRight's pioneering report into the global prevalence of conversion practices, is quoted highlighting “the pressing need to ensure that existing state bans against ‘conversion’ practices are enforced.” Amie Bishop also recognizes, however, that “bans, alone, will not suffice to end so-called conversion therapy”, such practices will persist“until LGBITQ+ people are fully embraced by their families, their faiths, and their communities.”


You can access the full article here.