OutRight Conducts LGBTIQ Advocacy Workshops with Service Providers in Philippines

As part of an ongoing effort to address domestic and family violence experienced by LGBTIQ people in the Philippines[1], Ging Cristobal of OutRight has been working with Clara Rita A. Padilla of EnGendeRights trained Quezon City (QC) Barangay service providers LGBTI-inclusive service intervention skills to address address domestic and family violence. Part of the training was for the Barangay officials to educate and share their learnings to all Barangay staff.

So far, Cristobal, Project Coordinator for Asia and Pacific Islands, reports, 187 barangay service providers from 72 barangays, or districts, within Quezon City have been trained. Once trained, the service providers used the modules prepared by Cristobal in conducting their own “SOGIE-sensitive service seminars” to their staff, which Cristobal’s team monitors. As a result of the training and seminars, some barangays have helped organized LGBTI groups and added SOGIE activities to their work under Gender and Development (GAD) programs of barangays in Quezon City.

Cristobal views the trainings as a success and a launching point for further work. “By SEPTEMBER, something BIG will happen in QC and for sure everyone will be invited to witness this groundbreaking event,” she commented in a Facebook post regarding the recent trainings. “And this is just the start.”

To view Ging’s post in full, see below:

[1] This work is part of the implementation of the recommendations from the OutRight research on LBT violence https://www.outrightinternational.org/content/violence-through-lens-lbt-...