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The Global State of LGBTIQ Organizing: Right To Register

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Governments around the world are using registration laws to silence LGBTIQ people and organizations. This is happening amidst the most widespread crackdown against LGBTIQ people in memory.

Last week OutRight launched a new report, The Global State of LGBTIQ Organizing: The Right to Register, which finds that LGBTIQ organizations are unable to register or cannot be found in 85 of 194 countries. In the worst cases, they experience state surveillance, indiscriminate arrests, state sanctioned violence, and are even branded as threats to national security. The fact that LGBTIQ organization cannot register or cannot be found speaks to a global crisis of democracy and human rights more broadly.

The report highlights 10 case studies which explain some of the situations as well as the work-arounds that groups have taken to still be able to operate. In Singapore, an activist explains:

“We have to be careful because we are actually not a registered entity... all our activities (are) illegal essentially...if the government wants to do anything to us they could…there are a lot of personal costs to people involved…the biggest issues are self-censorship and fear…about when the police will come after us.”

History shows that progress on LGBTIQ rights have come through activism and visibility. When states suppress LGBTIQ organizations, they are really trying to stop LGBTIQ people from gaining basic human rights and equality.

Over the past year alone, OutRight has helped with the registration of four organizations in the Caribbean, work that will continue to support change in the region.

To read some of the coverage of the report, check out articles in Thomson Reuters, NBC, Washington Blade, INTO or Gay Star News.


Jessica Stern,
Executive Director, OutRight Action International