OutRight Now: Nothing without our Interns

OutRight interns 2016

Dear Supporter,

Today we want to take a moment to honor and thank some of the most critical people to our work: interns and volunteers! They have devoted themselves to the cause of human rights for LGBTIQ people and taken on so many of the important tasks that make this challenging work possible.

For a nonprofit with limited resources, interns enable us to do more and achieve more for our mission. And we're pleased that this mission and OutRight's compelling global work attracts so many qualified students.

It's thanks to interns and volunteers that we ensure no one is left out!

“Speaking at a meeting at the United Nations was probably the favorite part of my advocacy and documentation internship," said Daniel Hamidi, a former intern with OutRight.

"Having my voice heard by diplomats around the world and some of the leading activists of our time was incredible."

That's just one example, interns assist in documenting human rights issues at the United Nations, writing reports about the change and improvement - or unfortunate declines - in treatment of LGBTIQ people in all areas around the world, and contribute to OutRight’s publications and media outreach, gaining critical communications and advocacy skills. Most critically, they are helping to build awareness about global LGBTIQ issues and to teach others about the cause.

Frank Corazza, former intern with OutRight said,

"I grew professionally through writing and curating content on social media - mobilizing support and awareness for LGBTIQ global issues. These skills will be necessary for my future professional work."

I want to say a huge thanks to all over our interns and volunteers over the years. We could not change lives globally without your help.

Lately, many people have asked me how they can become involved in activism and advocacy, to be part of the growing movement of change makers in the world. To be an intern at OutRight is a great way of engaging. So if you, or someone you know, is interested in getting active and joining the ranks of our team, click here. Applications for our Summer internship program close on February 28th, so if you haven't already, apply now!

Jessica Stern,
Executive Director, OutRight Action International