OutRight Now: November 2017

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OutRight Now November 2017. Sports luminaries.

This week we helped to save the Olympic spirit! We fought hard to have States maintain non-discrimination protections based on sexual orientation in the United Nations Olympic Truce Resolution - and guess what, we won!

Every two years, the Olympic Truce Resolution is negotiated by UN Member States. It promotes peace and civility between all countries of the world one week before, during, and one week after the Olympic Games. Since 2015, anti-discrimination protections based on sexual orientation have been included in the Truce through the mention of Principle 6 of the Olympic Charter.

This year, the inclusion of Principle 6 came under attack by Egypt and Russia, two countries that continue to discriminate, marginalize, and sanction violence against their own LGBTIQ citizens. They tried to export their anti-LGBTIQ hate to the UN -- but they lost.

In all of this, OutRight spearheaded a campaign with Athlete Ally and together we got 17 professional athletes, including Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova, to come out in support of the inclusion of Principle 6 in the Truce.

OutRight also had another ally in our campaign to support the Olympic Spirit - activist, artist and actor, Jesse Tyler Ferguson! Jesse founded the Tie The Knot campaign which donates proceeds of every tie to organizations on the frontlines fighting for the civil rights of LGBTIQ people.

OutRight is proud to announce a partnership with Jesse Tyler Ferguson's Tie The Knot -- 100% of all profits for ties purchased through November 24 will go to our mission to fight for LGBTIQ rights around the world.

"I'm thrilled Tie The Knot is partnering yet again with OutRight Action International. OutRight has been at the forefront of securing LGBTIQ human rights worldwide, and I'm proud we can support them in that critical endeavor."

-- Jesse Tyler Ferguson

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson bow ties to support OutRight

This week we truly stopped the bullies from targeting lesbian, gay, and bisexual athletes at the Olympics, and persevered as a global community committed to nondiscrimination. It is a victory worth celebrating!


Jessica Stern,
Executive Director,
OutRight Action International