OutRight Says Uganda Minister Threats Against LGBTIQ People Stoke Hate - Daily News

Jessica Stern, the executive director of OutRight Action International, a New York-headquartered humans rights organization that fights for the rights of LGBTQ people, said that the legislation would only "increase hate and stigma against LGBTIQ people” in the country.

Same-sex relations are already outlawed in Uganda, according to Stern, and they carry a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. “Efforts to impose a death penalty constitute legal overkill,” she said. It’d put the community “at risk not only of government persecution but also vigilante violence.”

Even more disturbing to Stern, were “Lokodo’s remarks that “promotion” of LGBTIQ issues should also be criminalized to the same extent."

“This is an extremely dangerous addition to the resurfacing anti-homosexuality bill, which would, in essence, put activists in grave danger not only for being LGBTIQ, but also for engaging in any community support, awareness raising or service provision activities,” she said.

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