OutRight Tells The UN, "Do Not Leave Anyone Behind"

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OutRight 28 Years and Counting

Hi Friend,

A couple of years ago, all the countries in the world agreed on ambitious Global Goals to be reached by 2030 - a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. They are also referred to as the Sustainable Development Goals and every year in July, governments meet at the United Nations in New York to review the progress at what is called the High Level Political Forum (HLPF).

We are engaged in this because the founding principle of these goals is "leave no one behind." But we know that even when governments agree to “leave no one behind” - they are not necessarily including us - all of us LGBTIQ people in every country.

Over the next decade, countries will be investing trillions of dollars into advancing the Global Goals. OutRight works tirelessly with our partners to ensure that the needs of LGBTIQ people are being heard by those in power and so we are included in national development agendas.

We worked with our partner RFSL to produce a primer on the HLPF which gives an overview of what happens there as well as how civil society can engage with this mechanism. To read our primer and learn more, click here.

We will report back from the HLPF in our next UN New Yorker, so stay tuned!


Jessica Stern,
Executive Director, OutRight Action International