OutRight Writes Op-Ed In Asia Times About The Philippine LGBTIQ Communities Divide On Election Outcome

Ging Cristobal, OutRight's project coordinator for Asia and the Pacific Islands Region based in the Philippines, discusses in their op-ed the Philippine LGBTIQ communities divide on the election outcome and how far the Duterte regime plans to go in eroding human rights further.

A national election took place in the Philippines on May 13. Marred by controversy, accusations of vote-buying and faulty counting machines, the results of the election were correspondingly conflicting, further widening the divide between those loyal to the current government and president, and those eager for change.

Same-sex sexual activity has never been illegal in the Philippines, and societal attitudes have been improving. However, no national-level legal or policy protections exist for LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and questioning) people yet, and a national anti-discrimination bill that includes grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity has been stuck in Congress for a number of years. What do the results of the recent elections mean for prospects for LGBTIQ equality going forward?

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