Press and Its Relationship With The Global LGBTIQ Movement


8 May 2018

Media Contact: Rashima Kwatra,, +1(917) 859-7555

Media And Its Influence on Shaping The Public Opinion of LGBTIQ People

(New York) – OutRight Action International, the leading global LGBTIQ human rights advocacy organization, will host a press briefing to discuss the the impact of media on the LGBTIQ human rights movement. Commenting on the subject will be Karamo Brown, from Netflix’s Queer Eye, and Georges Azzi, Executive Director of the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality (AFE).

Hear from Georges Azzi about how the Arabic press has been a driver of homophobia and inciting government crackdowns against LGBTIQ people. Last year alone, amidst media sensationalism, dozens of people were arrested for being perceived as gay in Egypt. The work Azzi and AFEMENA leads aims to sensitize journalists and establish a professional bar of reporting objectively on LGBTIQ issues that are highly sensitive in the region.

Since President Trump’s inauguration, one of the first things to go on the White House website was content on LGBTIQ rights. That same year a conservative group did a bus tour displaying anti-transgender messages in New York. What happens to communities when they see mixed messages about LGBTIQ human rights? As the first openly gay African American in the history of reality TV, a talk and lifestyle television host, and actor, Karamo Brown knows the power media has in shaping public opinion and will share his insights.

The press briefing will take place before the Celebration of Courage, hosted by Karamo Brown, where Azzi will accept OutRight’s Felipa de Souza award for AFE’s work in advancing LGBTIQ human rights.


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Celebration of Courage 2018, the annual celebration sponsored by Outright Action International honoring courageous LGBTIQ human rights defenders.

Host:  Karamo Brown - Actor, Activist, and Culture Expert on Netflix’s Queer Eye


  • Felipa De Souza Awardee: Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality (AFEMENA), received by Founder, Georges Azzi
  • OutStanding Award Awardee: Lois Whitman - Renowned children’s human rights activist

Monday, May 14, 2018
Event: 6:00pm to 9:00pm -- PRESS BRIEFING 5:00-5:30PM

Pier 59, Chelsea Piers · 23rd Street and West Side Highway, New York, NY 10011

To RSVP for the briefing and Celebration of Courage please contact Rashima Kwatra,, +1(917) 859-7555