The State Department Publishes its Annual Human Rights Report; The U.S. Can Do More

The U.S. Government has just published its annual human rights report documenting violations committed in all countries throughout the world (except the United States). In the early 1990s, IGLHRC worked with the State Department to include explicit reporting about the persecution of LGBT people in their annual country reports on human rights. This year’s report includes an increasing number of references to human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

As an organizational member of the Council for Global Equality, a coalition effort that encourages a clearer and stronger American voice on international LGBT human rights concerns, IGLHRC recommends that the U.S. uses its diplomatic, political, and economic influence in select countries to do more than document and report these abuses. To learn about the top 10 countries where the U.S. can actively respond to human rights violations and to read the report, visit the Council for Global Equality’s website at:

Adrian Coman