Suggestions for Your Fall Reading List


I hope you have had a chance to enjoy the season, and have had a chance to take some time to wind down. For us here at OutRight, these past few months have been a busy and productive time. As we fall back into the swing of things, I wanted to send you a list of notable blogs, articles, and podcasts that you may have missed and might enjoy reading.

  • Jean Chong, Program Field Coordinator, gives an overview of the history of LBT rights from the East in her blog, a Brief Perspective on LBT Rights in China.”  She notes, “It is commonly believed by a number of lesbian and bisexual activists that the LBT movement in China was inspired by the Fourth World Conference on Women and its NGO Forum held in Beijing in 1995...Within this space, lesbian activists from all over the world, with OutRight Action International serving as the hub, worked to raise the visibility of lesbian issues and voice out discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.”
  • Felicity Daly, Global Research Coordinator, writes, an op-ed titled, Will the UN “Leave No One Behind” and Improve LGBTI Health and Well-Being? The op-ed highlights results from OutRight’s most recent report, Agenda 2030 for LGBTI Health and Wellbeing. Daly writes, “LGBTI people are well aware of the health disparities taking hold and stealing lives in their communities, but insufficient evidence makes it harder to make a convincing case for health services to respond to these needs. We hope more countries will accelerate a research revolution for LGBTI inclusion, which improves the health and well-being of these communities.”
  • OutRight Staff interview Saskia Wieringa, co-author of OutRight’s latest report on Indonesia, Creeping Criminalization, about the deteriorating situation facing LGBTIQ communities in the country. Wieringa states in the interview, “As you have seen in the report that we did regarding the regional regulations, that is the kind of creeping criminalization that is going on everywhere. It is a serious development. Again and again you find out that some district has enacted homophobic regulations. Just recently an article came out which noted that of all the ASEAN countries, the level of homonegativity in Indonesia is the highest. Even higher than Malaysia. That is very worrying because Indonesia used to be known as quite tolerant.”
  • Rashima Kwatra, Communications Officer, interviews three LGBTIQ advocates working on human rights from Belize, Fiji and Bulgaria in the podcasts. Learn more about what has happened since the anti-sodomy law in Belize was struck down, youth and trans advocacy in Fiji, and the situation facing LGBTIQ people in Bulgaria in the the various podcasts. Be sure to check them out!

I also wanted to share with you that OutRight has launched a new and exciting bi-monthly UN newsletter. It is a resource to help increase understanding about the events and decisions that get made at the UN in New York.

If you are interested in finding out more about what we’ve been up to check out OutRight’s blogs and press releases!


Jessica Stern,
Executive Director
OutRight Action International