TransWave Jamaica Instagram Takeover for Transgender Awareness

To commemorate the start of PRiDE JA 2017, TransWave took over OutRight’s Instagram for the day on Monday. In their own words, TransWave is “a non-profit organization focused on promoting the rights of, as a well as the health and well-being of the transgender community in Jamaica, and the wider Caribbean.” They work to advocate for transgender rights as well as spread awareness for transgender-specific issues. Their Instagram takeover featured a livestream of Sports Day, the first event of Pride Week, and informational posts about transgender rights. They posted definitions of key terms, photos of transgender models, and suggestions for how to be a good ally as part of their I Am an Ally campaign. Their advice included a list of things not to say or not to ask a transgender person:

  • So when is the surgery?
  • So… am I still straight if I have sex with you?
  • So what’s your real name?
  • You look like a real woman/man, I’d never have known!
  • Do you have a penis?
  • When did you decide to become trans?
  • So you’re a girl/boy now?

PRiDE JA 2017 runs from August 1-7 with events celebrating the transgender and larger LGBTIQ community in Jamaica. Jamaica is one of the first countries in the Caribbean to organize a Pride celebration, yet continues to outlaw homosexual behavior. Through events like PRiDE JA and the efforts of organizations like TransWave and J-FLAG, LGBTIQ human rights advocates hope to further improve the situation for LGBTIQ people in Jamaica through changes in the government and the perceptions of society at large.

To follow along with TransWave and PRiDE JA this week, you can follow the hashtags #transprideJA and #PRiDEJA2017.