Remembering Activist Kagendo Murungi

At OutRight, we are saddened to learn that our former colleague and Africa Program Manager, Kagendo, recently passed much too early. She was a fierce feminist, advocate, artist and filmmaker who fought for social justice in so many ways.

Shailja Patel, Kenyan writer and activist says of Kagendo's work,

Kagendo's lifelong commitment was to connecting the dots between all oppressions, showing how colonialism fostered homophobia on the African continent, making Kenya a country where queer Kenyans and free women could live and thrive.

Her family is trying to raise funds to bring her to her homeland Kenya to be buried on her family farm and provide support her mother, just as Kagendo had done throughout her life in the US. Her family asks,

Dear Friends and Family,

On December 27, we discovered that our beautiful daughter/sister/friend/loved one Kagendo had passed on. She was supposed to be in Kenya right now, chilling and smiling and laughing with our mother on the family farm. It's where she wanted to be more than anything, She saw it as the starting place for the next phase of her life. Our plan is to make sure Kagendo completes that journey. We are working to take her home to be buried on our farm, and we are reaching out to you, our friends and family, to help us cover those costs.

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