We help front line activists by offering training in human rights documentation, in safety and security, in guiding journalists to treat their community and cause with respect, accuracy and dignity in reporting and by providing nuts and bolts workshops on digital advocacy, financial, administrative and project management and essentials of institution building.

Through the generosity of our funders and supporters, we collaborate with our partners to provide needed support and training to advance basic human rights. OutRight works directly with activists around the world to improve their capacity in human rights advocacy, documentation, and in building strategies to achieving greater gains for LGBTIQ people at the local, national, regional, and international levels. OutRight also engages in safety and security trainings tailored to individual contexts so that activists confronting threats and violence can conduct their work with greater protections for themselves and their organizations.

In addition, our expertise and experience puts us in a position to engage with media, with police, and with others who want to improve how they engage with LGBTIQ communities while collaborating with advocates who understand the situation best. Notably, we have provided well-received trainings for police in improving their sensitivity on working with LGBTIQ people and on LGBTIQ issues, with regional and country-specific journalists, including those working in Farsi to reach the Iranians in the country and as part of the diaspora, and to service providers so they are sensitized to LGBTIQ specific issues.

“Human rights are for humans and LGBT persons are not to be excluded from the protection of the police when we apply the rule of law. ”
~ Police Chief Superintendent Fajura