Binnaz Toprak Asks Erdogan: Will You Continue Denying LGBTs?

CHP (Republican People’s Party) Istanbul Parliamentarian Binnaz Toprak submitted a parliamentary question regarding what AKP will do to relieve LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans) people. The parliamentary question to which written reply of the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is requested includes political, legal and social action plan regarding LGBT people.

Denial, Violence and Annihilation Policy Continues

Toprak, who has requested a Parliamentary Research regarding the problems of LGBT people in February stated in the parliamentary question that denial, violence and annihilation policies of AKP aimed at LGBT citizens continues:

“Although the expression ‘sexual orientation and gender identity’ is included in the “Law of Protection of Family and Prevention of Violence against Women” text mutually agreed by NGO’s and ministry, later it was removed from the text by Council of Ministers. Protection of sexual orientation and gender identity was denied by AKP. Moreover, Anti-Discrimination and Equality Bill doesn’t include these expressions either.”

Toprak, who strives for the Assembly to take a step for LGBT rights, won “Outspoken Award” of International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission in the USA.