BSR Highlights OutRight In Writing About the Private Sector's Role in Supporting LGBTIQ Equality

BSR Highlights OutRight in writing about the private sector's role in achieving LGBTIQ equality, specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic and Pride Month.

"Established by OutRight, the Fund supports LGBTI organizations on the frontlines of the pandemic in the global South, addressing a range of humanitarian needs such as emergency food and/or shelter, access to safe and competent healthcare, safety and security, and financial stability. The Fund will continue its efforts to mobilize the private sector to support this effort throughout Pride Month and beyond, giving companies an opportunity to reallocate resources in light of cancelled Pride events. Prioritizing financial support to LGBTI communities and advocating on their behalf are concrete steps that the business community can take to empower LGBTI movement leaders and ultimately ensure the survival and long-term viability of local partners leading the grassroots effort to tackle discrimination against the LGBTI community."

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