Highlights of Our Work in 2017

In 2017, we saw an assault on human rights globally. For every step forward, we struggled NOT to take a step back. We celebrated increasing transgender rights in Botswana and across 22 countries thanks to a landmark European Court of Human Rights ruling, and we were overjoyed by marriage equality in Australia. But, the increasing racism, sexism, Islamophobia and xenophobia made some LGBTIQ people even more unsafe. Members of our community suffered acutely from Chechnya to Azerbaijan, Tanzania, Indonesia and beyond in mass arrests, arbitrary detentions, criminal prosecutions and torture.

In 2018, together we will need to commit to more community organizing, to seeing the tenacity of human rights institutions, and for LGBTIQ organizations to band together in unity to have more power and influence. The road ahead is one of struggle, but the LGBTIQ community is resilient, and we will prevail.

Special thanks from OutRight to all of our interns, partners, supporters, donors, and everyone working to advance human rights for LGBTIQ everyone... you help make our work possible.

Below are highlights of our work in 2017:



Over the past year, we have spearheaded New York-based advocacy initiatives at the Commission on the Status of Women, honored the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, advocated throughout the High Level Political Forum on the Sustainable Development Goals, and organized at the recent UN General Assembly Session. Read more about our UN work from our bimonthly newsletter »



OutRight again supported the 5th annual Caribbean Women and Sexual Diversity Conference in St. Lucia where 50 lesbian, bisexual, and trans (LBT) activists and allies gathered to focus on women’s empowerment. We also supported the legal registration of civil society organizations in the region.



OutRight called on:

We have started a partnership with StoryCorp to document and archive conversations with LGBTIQ human rights in New York City working to advance LGBTIQ human rights at the United Nations. Stay tuned for more on this project in 2018.




OutRight has been partnering and working across continents supporting and hosting security/safety trainings from the Philippines to Beirut to New York City. Here's a shortlist:

  • Trained a thousand police officers in the Philippines where now these local stations have a Rainbow stickers outside that underwent training
  • Media training in Beirut for journalists across the region
  • Digital security training with advocacy week activists with Jigsaw as well as working with them on new products and learning about latest security trends



Amongst the shortlist of breifing papers we publshed are:

  • Agenda 2030 - (in partnership with MSMGF), this briefing paper illustrates how Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3, Ensure Healthy Lives and Promote Well-Being for All at All Ages, is relevant to the specific health needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) people.
  • Arabic media handbook for journalist distributed during training


International LGBTIQ Events

OutRight partcipates in many events throughout the year focusing on the global international LGBTIQ movement, here a shortlist of events we host annually:

  • Celebration of Courage this year honored LGBTIQ activists at the United Nations for their couragoues work in advancing LGBTIQ human rights both internationally and in the United States.
  • 40 LGBTIQ Activists from 29 Countries who participated in the organization’s 6th annual United Nations (UN) Week of Advocacy
  • In partnership with CUNY School of Law, OutSummit 2017 again pushed pushes the boundaries for global LGBTIQ activism during our one day conference in New York City by bringing together a line up of speakers to discuss and reflect on current issues being faced by the global LGBTIQ human rights movement.