Queer Malawi: Untold Stories

In South Africa, Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action (GALA) has been doing tremendous work documenting and celebrating the lives of LGBT South Africans and is now starting to bring its considerable talents to work in the Southern African region. On a recent trip, I visited with the folks at GALA and brought back a copy of Queer Malawi: Untold Stories. Queer Malawi is a collaboration between GALA and Malawi's Center for Development of People (CEDEP). The book "offers vivid portraits of the lives of homosexual men and women in Malawi and speaks to the concerns of lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender and intersex people on the African continent" (from the back cover).

Here's more about the book from CEDEP's website:

CEDEP in association with South Africa's 'Gay And Lesbian Memory in Action' has published a groundbreaking new book entitled Queer Malawi: Untold Stories.

Collecting the stories of twelve gay and lesbian Malawians, interviewed anonymously, Queer Malawi aims to inspire compassion and support for the rights of African LGBTI people to live freely and harmoniously alongside their heterosexual counterparts in Malawi and beyond her borders.

The book arrives just as the Malawian parliament has criminalised sex between women and a majority of UN members, many African, voted to remove LGBT people from among the vulnerable populations they seek to protect.

At a time when LGBT people across Southern Africa are facing tremendous challenges, CEDEP is working to give voice to this underrepresented and misunderstood population.

To order a copy of Queer Malawi: Untold Stories, contact GALA at info@gala.co.za