REDLACTRANS Demands Guatemalan Government Follow up on Recommendations of the Human Rights Council

IGLHRC believes that a vital part of our mission is supporting the work of activist organizations and allies by disseminating important information on human rights issues affecting LGBT communities worldwide. To this end we are posting this article from Organización Trans Reinas de La Noche (OTRANS), Red Nacional de Mujeres Trans, REDTRANS Guatemala Red Latinoamericana y el Caribe de Personas Trans.

Press Statement

(Guatemala, March 19) Organized trans women in Guatemala, alarmed by the violence, aggression and impunity against them, demand that the state of Guatemala and the new authorities comply with the recommendations made by the Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review on May 28, 2008.

During 2011, we organized trans women have suffered a series of attacks against us, culminating in a climax of murder. The crimes occurred in Quetzaltenango, Escuintla and Guatemala, in some cases the rage led to murder by the perpetrator (for example in Escuintla a body was found naked in reeds with signs of violence and repeated stabbings). The recent cases and those suffered over the past decade are accompanied by a string of discrimination (in public spaces such as health centers, schools, prisons etc.), persecution, and extortion perpetrated mainly by security forces.

The forced disappearance of Katherine Michel Barrios February 19, 2010 has not yet been resolved. To date, the competent judicial bodies have not taken any action to resolve it. In this context of discrimination, abuse and extreme violence against trans women, there was a police chase that took place in Quetzaltenango on 26 January 2012. Trans women were arrested in the city center without having committed any crime on the basis that they were provoking scandal in the street, something that does not require detention under the law.

Based on the foregoing, the Organization Reinas de La Noche, the National Network of Trans, REDTRANS Guatemala, and Latin American and Caribbean Network of Transgender People (REDLACTRANS) DEMAND THE STATE OF GUATEMALA AND THE CURRENT GOVERNMENT TO: Comply with and follow up on the recommendations made in the Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review of Guatemala applied as stated in the document A/HRC/8/38 dated May 29, 2008, in the eighth session, subject six of the agenda.

From the above, we note that it is important, unavoidable and urgent to prioritize the following recommendations in our community:

  • Recommendation number 07, to implement the recommendations of the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and other forms expressed by Slovenia.
  • Recommendation number 16 against the killings on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity identified by Switzerland.
  • Recommendation number 35 on impunity for attacks on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity indicated by Slovenia.
  • Recommendation No. 36 on violence against persons based on sexual orientation and gender identity with particular attention to marginalized minorities defined as requested by the Czech Republic.

Trans women are still being murdered and persecuted in Guatemala. The Government does not include us in their work plans and does not give us specific attention. For that reason we demand to be addressed promptly and with dignity.

STOP killing us – STOP persecuting us - STOP intimidating us

Trans Organization Reinas de la noche, Trans National Women's Network, REDTRANS Guatemala Latin American and Caribbean Network of Transgender People, REDLACTRANS.