Sierra Leone: Clarification on the Murder of Fannyann Eddy

Please see IGLHRC's October 4, 2004 Press Release: IGLHRC Mourns the Murder of Fannyann Eddy; Calls on activists everywhere to respond, for background information on the murder of Sierra Leonean activist Fannyann Eddy.


Since our original Action Alert on the murder of Fannyann Eddy, IGLHRC has learned from colleagues at Human Rights Watch that the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Sierra Leone Police Force reports that the forensic evidence collected in Fannyann's case does not indicate that sexual violence was perpetrated against her.

Unfortunately, some of the information that continues to be publicized about Fannyann's murder seems to be inaccurate. According to the CID (which undertook the investigation into the murder), Fannyann was killed by strangulation. To date, the CID has not reported a "hate crimes" component. As reported earlier, the primary suspect in the murder has been arrested and awaits trial.

The violent death of such a public activist, no matter what the form, will always raise our worst fears - that her outspokenness, courage and visibility as an out lesbian human rights activist somehow prompted her murder. Fannyann's untimely and brutal death is tragic under any and all circumstances.

IGLHRC calls on activists everywhere to recall the words of Mary Jones and "mourn the dead but fight like hell for the living." The Sierra Leone Lesbian and Gay Association is working hard to continue Fannyann's legacy. Let's give them all of our support.