Sierra Leone: Update on the Murder of Fannyann Eddy

IGLHRC has recently learned from colleagues at Human Rights Watch and the Sierra Leone Lesbian and Gay Association (SLLAGA) that the principal suspect in the murder of Fannyann Eddy has been arrested and charged with two counts: murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

The accused is said to be a disgruntled janitorial worker whom Ms. Eddy had fired weeks prior to the murder. At the time of his dismissal, the accused is reported to have threatened to “take revenge” on Ms. Eddy. It is believed that at least one other person was involved in the crime.

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Sierra Leone Police Force has expressed its commitment to investigating the possibility of a bias crime. At this time, however, the evidence that they have collected suggests that the principal motive was robbery.

IGLHRC commends the CID’s responsiveness to international protocols for the investigation of a bias motive. We will continue to monitor and report on the proceedings of the case.