OutRight supports LGBTIQ organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa and works with mainstream human rights organizations to promote dignity and influence positive changes in laws, policies, attitudes, and beliefs that cause discrimination against LGBTIQ people on the continent.

Currently, OutRight's flagship program in Africa centers on ending sexual orientation and gender identity change practices (so-called conversion therapy) in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa.

OutRight’s pioneering report, Harmful Treatment: The Global Reach of So-Called Conversion Therapy, exposed that conversion practices aiming to change, divert, convert or suppress the sexual orientation and/or gender identity of LGBTIQ people, including with physical and psychological force, are prevalent across the world. Including, and especially, across Africa. These practices are the epitome of LGBTIQ-phobia, as they show the extent of unacceptance of LGBTIQ identities, and the extent to which people will go to change and eliminate LGBTIQ people.

OutRight works with a coalition of partners - Equal Rights in Nigeria, The Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya, and Access Chapter 2 of South Africa - to build an evidence base on the nature, extent, and characteristics of conversion practices in Africa, primarily in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa; to raise awareness on the harmful impact of these practices on the lives of LGBTIQ persons, to equip civil society to identify cases and provide support to victims and survivors, and to advocate for a complete ban of these practices. 

OutRight believes that change happens at different levels and sees the value of working in diverse spheres of influence. The Africa Program works at all levels: grassroots, national, regional, continental, and global to affect change.