Greetings from the International Aids Conference

Greetings from the International Aids Conference


As August draws to an end, our thoughts at IGLHRC turn from the long days of summer to the crisp days of fall and the ritual of going back to school.

You probably finished school long ago, but if you’re reading this postcard, you’re also a life-long learner. IGLHRC published 5 op-eds in July and August that should definitely be on your reading list.

  • Val Kalende, Africa Fellow, writes, “My ‘coming out’ story as a Pentecostal-raised Ugandan lesbian woman is no different from the story of the activists who marched at the first-ever LGBT Pride parade in Uganda on Aug. 4.”
  • Grace Poore, Asia Program Coordinator, writes that as a result of the decentralization of the Indonesian government, “Religious extremists have seized the chance to create discriminatory bylaws in their provinces and enforce them in the name of morality.”
  • Pedro Garcia, Paula Ettelbrick Fellow, analyzes 3 contradictions underway in Chile, arguing in English and Spanish,“The paradoxes, advances, and setbacks of LGBT human rights in Latin America are perhaps nowhere as clear as in Chile.”
  • Kristen Thompson, former Ettelbrick Intern, writes about observing a teenage lesbian couple kiss goodbye on a bus in Colombia and a police offer reprimand them, saying, “This kind of behavior is not allowed in public.”
  • Finally Sherlina Nageer, Spokesperson for the Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD) of Guyana, collaborator on a shadow report to the United Nations, called out her government for "archaic, colonial-era legislation" that "reinforces discriminatory, heteronormative stereotypes, creating a de facto climate of intolerance for LBT people."

Enjoy the last days of August, and wherever you are, remember to do your homework!

With warmth and solidarity,
Jessica Stern
Acting Executive Director

P.S. We did our own learning at the International AIDS Conference 2012. Were you there? If not, do you wish you were? Write and share your thoughts with us at